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Afzal Tejarat Commercial Holding

Afzal Tejarat Commercial Holding managers have twenty years of stellar background, expertise, and experience in trading consumer staples and agricultural products inside Iran and in partnership with reputable public and private domestic and global companies. Now, they believe it’s time to establish and gather specialized companies in a commercial and manufacturing group with domestic and international offices to serve the following organizational objectives:

  1. Importing consumer staples, including rice, raw sugar, pulses, cereals, and tea.
  2. Exporting the products manufactured by the holding and other reputable Iranian manufacturers and companies
  3. Wholesale and chain stores sale of products such as rice, sugar, sugar cube, tea, pulses, cooking oil, cosmetics, agricultural fertilizers, and agricultural pesticides
  4. Providing a marketplace for market operators and brokers considering their responsibility as the leading domestic economic operator in selling products such as sugar and rice
  5. Working and Partnership with Iranian raw-material suppliers such as sugar factories, considering their responsibility as the leading domestic procurer of raw materials and supplier of products.
  6. Accredited domestic representation of reputable global companies and appointed domestic and international representatives.
  7. Offering specialized trading consultation, particularly in international purchases.
  8. Launching modern businesses in small networks
  9. Led and orchestrated academic start-up teams

Specialized Subsidiary Companies 

  • Afzal Tejarat Iranian Trading and Engineering Co.   
  • Aria Tejarat Exir Trading and Engineering Co.
  • Avid Tejarat Jam Trading and Distribution Co.
  • Almas Sefid-e-Khaveremyaneh International Trading Co.
  • Almas Tobacco Manufacturing and Trading Co.
  • Nikan Raihe Gostar Mehrasa Knowledge-Based Co.               

Selected Brands of The Holding :

 Shahdis, MijanMar, Fariknar, Avid Tejarat, Ehteram, Antek, BRANCH DE RSE


Afzal Tejarat Iranian Trading and Engineering Co.

About Us:

Our company was officially registered and established in 2020, building on a twenty-year prior management experience and academic learned knowledge in the food industry. Providing scientific consultation to domestic companies, organizations, banks, and industries and launching modern networks and sale organizations for contracted organizations and holdings in recent years, the managers began to consider extending the services and activities of the company. Aided by Iranian agriculture and food industry veterans, Afzal Tejarat commercial holding came into existence According to its founders’ strategic plan in the spring of 2021. 

The holding has since earned due credit and the market’s trust through founding specialized companies in different areas.

The company consolidates the holding and also offers the following specialized services:

  1. Production and supply of pure Iranian rice from Mazandaran Province under the brands “Fariknar” and “MijanMar.” 
  2. Creating a marketplace for market operators and trading brokers while serving as the lead domestic market operator in selling products such as sugar and rice.
  3. Marketing and business consultation services, launching modern businesses
  4. Expansion of activities to neighboring countries
  5. Concluding partnership deeds with factories to procure resources and provide sale services for their products.
  6. Led and orchestrated academic start-up teams
  7. Supporting elite students of Iranian Ivy league colleges such as Iran University of Science and Technology and the University of Tabriz in their start-up establishing quests is another strategic service of the company. Our young stars will soon have a spectacular knowledge-based presence in two domestic industrial arenas.