Almas Tobacco Trading Co.

Tejarat Totun Almas is a producer of Mosal tobacco (fruits) with the brand of respect, in different flavors using the best quality tobacco and additives licensed by Iran Tobacco Company.
Almas Tobacco Trading Company is the owner of the brand of respect in Iran. This brand is registered in the registration organizations of commercial companies and has obtained all its licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

The senior managers of this company, similar to the experience and technical and academic knowledge in this activity, with several years of product research and development (R&D) in Iran and Arabic, believe that by using pure, hygienic and organic raw materials, a quality and pure product can be produced. With best-selling flavors, they will have a good position in the country as well as internationally.

Almas Tobacco Trading Co. Vision

Ehteram brand strives to produce healthy, quality honey tobaccos using high-quality ingredients. We endeavor to reduce the harmful effects of smoking the product as much as possible and reduce the product’s health concerns to a bare minimum. Our labs, proudly approved by the Center for Planning and Monitoring Tobacco (of Iran), had an invaluable role in producing high-quality products. Consumer health has always been our top priority in producing our commodities.

Our widespread distribution of cigarettes and exporting Iran Tobacco Company’s products in the region brings us pride and joy. in the cigarette market. We plan to operationalize a nationwide distribution of domestic and international brands. In exports, we are a contractor of Iran Tobacco Co. and export domestic factories products to the bidding countries.