Avid Tejarat Jam Co.

was established to ensure the highest-quality best-price raw materials are readily available to our valued consumers in the food and agriculture processing industry in the least amount of time. This is achieved through our widespread network of suppliers and consumers and importing the required raw materials.

We strive to secure customers’ satisfaction and trust by offering them well-deserved services. We endeavor to provide our customers with premium-quality top-brand commodities from domestic and international markets.

Our Vision:

We plan to be a top supplier of staple goods, food, and agricultural products in Iran and the customer’s supplier of choice.

Secure sincere communication with all trading parties across the supply chain, from consumers to suppliers, is the cornerstone of our work. That safe, reliable trading infrastructure will benefit all interested parties.

  • Secure customers’ and trading parties’ satisfaction through the followings:
  • Supplying top-quality products
  • Providing honest, accurate information on market status, prices, opportunities, and imminent threats
  • Supplying top-quality products
  • Offering competitive prices by adding a fair profit margin
  • Commitment to serve the interests of customers and trading partners
  • Offering customers before- and after-sales services to facilitate making decisions and secure customer satisfaction with the purchase

Company Ethical Charter

  • Respect and protect customer’s dignity
  • Providing transparent, timely, accurate, and comprehensive information, effective consultation, and necessary training to the customers and consumers.
  • Offering fast, accurate, readily available, quality services and product delivery
  • Preserving customer’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Accountability, openness to critique, and compensating damages
  • Accountability, openness to critique, and compensating damages
  • Being fair in contracting and strictly avoiding illegal trading
  • Fulfilling our obligations, particularly on-time flawless delivery of goods and services
  • Valuing customers’ and consumers’ views
  • Respecting the customers’ freedom of choice by providing diversified goods and services and being flexible ad open to their needs and tastes.
  • Moral obligation to offer before- and after-sales support beyond our professional duty
  • Fair and square dealing