Cooking Oil Trading

Edible oils and fats are either animal oils or vegetable ones. Vegetable oils are extracted from sunflower seed, soybean, cottonseed, olive, sesame, safflower, rapeseed, and palm fruit. Today, more than ninety percent of the oil consumed in Iran is imported. The annual consumption is 1400 tons. Global cooking oil consumption per capita is about 12 kilograms, while the figure is more than 20 kilograms in Iran.

This means the crude cooking oil reserves and healthy oil products are of prime significance in cooking oil trading, as duly noted by our managers.

Working with prestigious cooking oil extraction factories and providing trustable cooking oil products is an utmost priority in our company’s trading.

Due to the issues in allocating government-priced currencies for cooking oil import, we are facing difficulties procuring the commodity at a reasonable price and through healthy trading. God willing, we can improve the situation once the government stops imposing exchange rates on the currency used to import oil and factories become competitive.

We are honored to do wholesale business with well-known brands such as Varamin, Etka, and GolBano to promote our plans.

The following cooking oils are available to traders, wholesalers, and economic investors:

Bulk crude cooking oils

*Refined cooking oils, including rapeseed oil, soy oil, oils for frying, sunflower oil, and mixed liquid oil.

Special (gourmet) cooking oils, including olive oil, sesame oil, and corn oil.

Considering there are 500 million poultry and 10 million livestock in Iran, and they require food, we plan to perform marketing for livestock and poultry feed.


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