Sugar Trading

Sugar as a strategic commodity has always been on the government’s radar. It is obtained from sugarcane and sugar beet. Seventy percent of world sugar comes from sugarcane, and the rest is from sugar beet. Iran’s sugar consumption per capita is 30 kilograms, way beyond the global average of 23 kilograms. Sugar is produced from domestic sugarcane, sugar beet (spring and fall planting), and imported raw sugar in Iran. Domestic production has decreased, and importing raw sugar has increased over the past years.

The consumption is forecasted to grow to 27 kilograms per capita by 2025. The sugar industry will prosper due to the rise.

Our managers’ years-long academic and empirical background and excellent connections with the food industry owners have turned us into a reputable, trusted trader among economic operators in wholesale sugar trading.

In addition to wholesale trading, we proudly provide consultation services for investors and those interested in starting and organizing a sugar business. We are available for any specialized partnership.

Available products:

* Bulk Sugar in 50 Kg Bags for Public Sale

The minimum purchase is 15 tons, available in high tonnage only. We trade sugar from factories in the north, east, south, and especially west of Iran in cities and locations such as Miandoab, Eslamabad-e-Gharb, Urmia, Shirvan, Fariman, Neishabur, Torbat, Joveyn, Meybod, Eqlid, Dezful, and Dehkhoda.

* Packed Sugar

In 900g, 1800g, and 3Kg cellophane packs from prestigious brands, the minimum purchase is 10 tons

*Sugarloaf and Sugar Lump

Sugar lumps are available in 450g, 900g, and 1800g cellophane packs and 5Kg cardboard boxes; the minimum purchase is 10 tons

Premium quality sugarloaves in cardboard boxes and bags. Minimum purchase 10 tons

* Sugar Molasses and Dry Pomace

Coming directly from reputable companies, product analysis is available; the minimum purchase is 100 tons

Our clients include:

  • Manufacturers of foodstuffs such as lump sugars, sugarloaves, cookies, chocolate, and dairy products.
  • Industries and workshops such as confectioneries, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Governmental departments and consumer institutions
  • Chain stores
  • Household consumers (Iranian government household staples program)
  • Traders and economic investors
  • Brokers and commission agents (market operators)


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