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About Afzal Tejarat Holding

Our managers have twenty years of stellar specialized experience working with domestic governmental organizations and prestigious companies and enjoy great connections in the global market. They now pursue the following objectives as their organizational mission by establishing specialized companies under the umbrella of a holding and launching a suitable site:

1 – Wholesale products and their ingredients (to customers such as wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, confectioneries, workshops, large factories, organizations’ cooperative centers, and chain stores.

2 – Launching a virtual market network for market operators (authorized brokers and commission agents) and providing a suitable infrastructure for the trading transactions of procurers and brokers.

3 – Providing household staples (within Tehran Province, Iran), including periodic firesales.

4- Offering specialized consulting services in commerce, marketing, transportation industry, and customs (including launching modern businesses, reviving companies, domestic and global procurement of products, sale promotion, outsourcing sale of products and creating a customer base, product clearance, and other customs and transportation subjects)

Importing and exporting staple goods

Working with top domestic factories and wholesale supplying of goods such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, and detergents.

In addition to all the above, We believe our efficacious managers, who provide consultations to many reputable organizations and companies, are our most valuable assets. Enhancing our reputation in the market is our highest ambition.

Our tenets are trusting in God almighty, earning a sin-free living, legitimate free-will business, effective public relations and communications, gaining customers’ and suppliers’ trust, providing superior quality of service, and responding quickly.”

Afzal Tejarat Iranian Co.

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Afzal Tejarat Iranian Holding

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