Rice Trading

Dietary traditions and habits are a defining factor in the food culture of every country. Iranians are a nation of refined taste and diverse foods. Our food culture is a long-lasting cultural heritage. This has made trading foodstuffs such as rice, cereals, cooking oil, sugar, and protein foods a spectacularly booming business in Iran. Even its fringe services get more attention than the rest of the businesses.

Rice is among the most significant food products in Iran. The official value of Iranian rice consumption per capita is 40 kilograms. This amounts to about 2.3 million tons for the almost 80 million population. Iran is a rice producer. However, there is also a need to import some rice.

Rice is consumed in the following institution as well as in households:

    • Universities

    • Restaurants
    • Hotels

    • Catering services

    • Central kitchens

    • State institutes

    • Private companies

    • And so on.

Our managers consult the industry and work with reputable companies and well-known brands such as Mohsen, Tabiat, Hame-Roze, Toba, Talayi, Avazeh, and Jashnvareh. Their experiences give them an impeccable understanding of Iranian and imported rice. Starting a business department was our manager’s attempt to provide customers with quality products.

Sadly, consumers pay hefty sums to the rice “sellers” while knowing the bare minimum about the quality of rice they’re buying just by trusting the “sellers” to provide them with the best possible.

We offer first-class quality rice only. Buyers should rest assured that they receive a fair bargain and our expert consultation.

Our rice trading consists of two parts:

Iranian rice : (Only the Tarem rice coming from the Fereydunkenar suburbs of Mazandaran province )

We buy paddies from the best paddy fields of the Fereydunkenar region and its suburb and turn them into high-quality rice in the production lines of top manufacturers of the region using modern machinery. Customers can order and coordinate the supply of at least 50 tons of rice per day in a unique package.

Indian rice: more than 70 percent pure first-class Indian 1121 rice only.

We provide the best and most popular Indian rice inside Iran, wholesale high tonnage purchase only.


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